Young Genderuwo

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Basic Information
Alternative Name(s)
Genderuwo Muda
Physical Description

Hair Color
Dark gray

Eye Color
DreadOut [Game]

Voiced By

A gigantic creature that is found on the way to the car during night time.


In Indonesian culture, the Genderuwo is often described as a kind of djinn race or mythical creatures which take form of dark ape-like man covered with thick fur and being the size of a titan. Genderuwo is said among locals - they come from deceased humans that died from committing suicide, imperfect burial, or terrible accidents (Unnatural death). Its face is often described like a beast with red and large eyes and long sharp teeth overlapping one another on his jaw.

The myth says if someone smells the aroma of roasted cassavas, there's a high chance that the Genderuwo is near. They usually dwell at the very deep part of the bamboo forest during night time. They also seem have very high interest toward women. Some folktales add that they can morph into anyone's form, even as someone's husband just to sleep with them.


Act IEdit

Upon backtracking to the car at night time, the Genderuwo will be spotted somewhere at the grass area near the river below the broken bridge. He will mostly block and guard the escape path from whoever is trying to flee from the town.


The Young Genderuwo appears as a dark titan-sized creature similar to a human being. He has dense afro hair with piercing red eyes. An upper jaw also can be seen clearly along with dripping blood that comes from his mouth. On his body, his prominent ribs can be seen very clearly. He also keeps his long fingernails in his hands.


Nothing can be done to defeat him, as he will flick the player (as Linda) with his fingers and gets the player sent to Limbo instantly.


  • Taking its picture, gives the achievement "Attack on Titan", which is a pop-culture reference to the popular manga and anime series with the same name, as the Genderuwo's size is about the size of a Titan.
  • If you get killed by the Genderuwo, you will get his Ghostpedia Information, but missing your chance to get the "YOLO" achievement.
  • Even if you were to come back from Limbo after being flicked by Genderuwo, the path to the car would still be blocked by him.