Unnamed Foreigner


Personal Information
Occupation Public Infirmary Worker
Biological Information
Gender Male (Presumably)
Age Unknown
DoB Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Status Deceased (Presumably)
Blood Type Unknown
Family Unknown
Voiced By None
First Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act I

An unnamed foreigner who moved to the village before it became devastated.


The foreigner seems to have a kind personality, with a sum amount of integrity and respect for the village's traditions. Although baffled at some of the villager's superstition, which he deems as ridiculous, he respects and even participates in them. Later in his journals, he starts to gain some suspicion on what the villager's "traditions" really are.


Early LifeEdit

Sometime before the start of the game, he moved into the village to start a new life. He started working at the public infirmary as his job. Like all the inhabitants of the village, he disappears from the start of the game, presumably killed from an unknown caused.

DreadOut (Game)Edit

Although not appearing in person, the three pages from his journal, which is found throughout the village, tells the story of his life at the village and his growing suspicion of their "traditions".


  • In the DreadOut Manga DLC first story, the father of the main protagonist, has the same occupation with the Unnamed Foreigner as medical representative.