Purpose A temporary tool use by Linda to defend herself.
Description N/A
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act II

An umbrella used by Linda, to be used to defend herself in Act II of DreadOut.


The umbrella is briefly used by Linda to defend herself when she was attacked by Possessed Doni and in the absence of her IrisPhone. Using the camera button while equipping the Umbrella will cause Linda to swing it in front of her.

Linda snaps the umbrella in a half in the cutscene, rendering it more or less useless for the time it's being used. The umbrella has no noticeable perks other than being used to deal physical damage.


The umbrella is a faded dark blue-grey, bounded near the bottom with a leather strap. It is quite tall to be an umbrella and has a solid handle.


  • Ironically in the game, this item is never used to combat hostile enemy and merely served as cutscene material.
  • The Umbrella is probably a reference to the original concepts of DreadOut where Linda was originally supposed to be fighting ghosts with actual weapons (showcased in the Dev's Journal as an Axe), but was scrapped and changed to the Camera mechanic.