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DreadOut [Game]

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Curtis Arnott

A tiny creatures that appears at the beginning of Act II.


Tuyuls are described as supernatural beings whose appearance is believed to look like a bald child, and tend to have childish behavior, supposedly not being very intelligent.

Particularly in Java, a popular belief circulates that one can "enslave" a Tuyul to do several things for his/her own benefit, such as stealing someone’s belonging or wealth. However, it doesn't come with a free price. The master (if the master is male, one of the female family/relatives) must "breastfeed" them in return of their services. If the master violates the rules, misfortunes will befall unto him/her and the family.

The Tuyuls are also believed as anxious beings, therefore they're always shown assembling in groups. To distract Tuyuls, one must put crabs on every corner of his/her house, since Tuyuls will play innocently with that animal instead of focusing on finishing their tasks that were given to them by their master. Some folktales add that green beans are also considered as effective item to distract Tuyuls.


Act IIEdit

The Tuyuls can be found at the field yard after Linda successfully escapes from the haunted school. Before encountering them, childish laughing can be heard.


The Tuyuls take the appearance of small bald babies with a proportionally large head, small hands, pointy ears and clouded eyes. They're seen nearly naked with thin fabric wraps that cover their lower body.


Although Tuyuls take damage from the player's IrisPhone, the system will spawn an infinite number of Tuyuls until one takes the player's IrisPhone. There is nothing can be done to defeat them.


  • When Linda retrieves her belongings taken by the Tuyuls, Linda's equipments seems to have been scattered in various places, indicating that the Tuyuls used her belongings as playthings.