The Sisters' Mansion is an old mansion appeared in Act II And KOTD (Room 108). This mansion owned by the The Lady in Red and her sisters.

Background Edit

Not much known about this mansion except it's owned by Lady in Red and her sisters. At some point, it also appeared that the mansion was used for a wedding party.

Game Edit

During her conversation with Ira (who has been possessed by The Third Sister), Linda will receive a key which can be used to access the mansion located near the school.

Arriving in the mansion, Linda will battle The Second Sister three times until she gain an access to First Sister's room.

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Ghosts Edit

Ghosts which encountered in this mansion:

KOTD Ghost Edit

Items Edit

  • Dress room Key

Rooms Edit

Notable rooms in this mansion:

  • Mirror room
  • Dress room
  • First Sister's room