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The Gore Surgeon is a physical ghost found in the Distorted Reality in DreadOut 2


Years ago, there was a Surgeon who was obsessed in perfecting his surgical abilities through illegal procedures.

His obsession became darker as he made his own wife and son as subjects to strange experiments. As a result, both of them became riddled with grotesque side effects and died.

The Surgeon was then captured and persecuted by the authorities. He later died of unknown causes while incarcerated. Inside the Distorted Reality, his restless soul became tainted and was reborn as the Gore Surgeon. Now he haunts the Hospital and continues his experiments.

–Ghostepedia Description

The Gore Doctor is a hostile physical ghost that roams the hallways and rooms of the Distorted Reality at the Hospital. He frequently performs experiments witth the dead bodies that are brought to him. The Ghost Girl refers to him as her Papa, implying he adopted her.


The Gore Surgeon is a bare-skinned toned man with white eyes. He wears a green face mask and a head mirror on his head while sporting a green apron. He also wears heavy leather gloves and carries with him a hand blade.

In his second form, the Gore Doctor now is now bare and bloodied, his arm missing and instead protruding a strange spine-like tendril with a white face and hair on it. He now runs on his arms and legs in a feral manner and attacks by lunging with the headed tendril.


DreadOut 2[]

Act II[]

The Gore Surgeon first appears when Linda enters the Distorted Reality via the elevator after being led there by Shelly's ghastly apparition. He is chopping up a body when the elevator doors open. Linda hides in the gurney to avoid him and he is taken away by the Ghost Girl. He appears again as a hostile enemy that Linda can only run and hide from. Linda then defeats him with dangerous chemicals laying around. After Linda retrieves Ghost Girl's toy, he appears once again in his second and more hideous form. With an axe, Linda manages to permanently defeat him.


With no way to combat the Gore Surgeon at first, Linda has to rely on hiding in specific spots to avoid the Surgeon.

In his first encounter after coming out of the layer, instead of trying to sneak past him or flash him, you must instead interact with the blanketed morgue gurney, which prompts Linda to hide under it, otherwise, the Gore Surgeon will immediately kill Linda. 

In the segment after being transported, Linda is only able to hide and run from the Gore Surgeon; the IrisPhone's Flash Blitz will also not stun Linda. Don't bother about hiding and run around until you find the the Master Hospital Key and the room with the harmful chemicals in them. Linda can use the chemicals to stun and damage the Gore Surgeon. Linda can do this with any of the trays of chemicals lying around, but there is one particular room that has many of them which makes defeating the Gore Surgeon easier. After three consecutive successful hits, the Gore Surgeon defeated.

In his second form, the Gore Surgeon can be easily be defeated by simply spamming the attack button as getting hit by the axe will stagger him greatly. Linda should be able to defeat him as long as she keeps attacking.


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