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DreadOut: KotD

A seemingly sentient doll that wanders the corridors of the mansion in Room 108.

Background Edit

Sophie is a doll and was the treasured possession of her previous owner. Unlike a doll, a person can only live for so long and when they passed away, Sophie had been mistakenly left behind by the family. But when someone returned for the doll, it was nowhere to be found.

The doll still lingers there, at that house, waiting for the return of its master. The house has changed ownership three times since the family who originally owns it. All three households have endured experiences with a doll that sometimes shows up at different parts of the house. On some nights, they hear patters of its feet against the floor.

People visiting the town graveyard have also mentioned of a doll sitting next to one particular tombstone. Presumably it's the resting place of its former owner.

Game Edit

Sophie follows Linda through some corridors until the latter finds out a way of picking up the doll without getting hurt and giving it back to the her previous owner.

Strategy Edit

First of all, don't worry; Sophie may seem threatening at first, creepingly stalking you around the mansion's second floor, but she means you no harm as long as you don't try to pick her up before gathering all the pieces of her photograph. You can hear her patters behind you, so if you feel bothered just look back and she will fall still on the floor, although she will get up after you take your eyes off her.

To pick her up, you must get three torn pieces of a photo. The pieces can be found in:

Room 102: Inside the abandoned infirmary, on top of a bed. The ghost of Sophie's owner will be in front of it, and she will appear again at the door, begging you to find the doll

Room 103: Next to one of the statues

Room 108: The last piece is on a table inside the mirror room on the 2nd floor, in the very entrance of the room

With all the pieces together, you can finally pick up Sophie without getting hurt. Go back to the infirmary in room 102 and put the doll on the same bed you got the first piece of the photo. Sophie's owner will appear and take the doll back.