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DreadOut [Game]

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DreadOut Ghost Sewurupa

DreadOut Ghost Sewurupa

A wandering ghost encountered at various hallways inside haunted school.


In Javanese, sewurupa means thousand faces.

In the beginning, Sewurupa was a harmless spirit, neither masculine nor feminine in nature. One legend has mentioned a particular person, a woman, who was able to tame and trained this entity into something more dangerous. A being whose sole purpose is to be a conduit of power for the tamer. Thus Sewurupa was born.

The promise of immortality has been a dream for many for ages and this promise is what this entity proclaims it can provide. In a relatively short period, it had acquired a plentiful of souls whose immortality only established/portrayed in facial manifestation. The soul itself is always absorbed by the entity to further charge its power which in turn will also charge its master’s powers.

To this day, The Order of Black Silk still operates in secrecy. Constantly searching for willing recruits who would submit their souls in order to join the supposedly blissful existence of the Immortal One.


Act IEdit

A ghost that Linda encountered on the school's second floor. It can either be found in the hallways or in the first physics room after taking the Strange Flyer.

When you take the Strange Flyer in Classroom 3Fisika1, the music suddenly changes and he will appear behind Linda. If the player points the camera at the Sewurupa, it will pass through Linda, causing her to do an animation of being hurt, though Sewurupa can't harm you. If the player chooses not to point the camera, it will stay there as it changes its face rapidly. Albeit, if the player doesn't point the camera at the Sewurupa, it will not be present in the Ghostpedia.

It may whisk away swiftly if the player paid no attention to it whatsoever, and it may suddenly appear from the previous hallway to the next.


Sewurupa also appears in the end of Keepers of The Dark game after defeating the Serpent Mistress.


The Sewurupa takes the body appearance of a person in a suit. When seen using the human eyes or from far away, it just appears as a glitchy ghost figure that often follows Linda through the hallways.

Upon approaching the ghost with the camera, it takes the face of a person who had sacrificed herself/himself.


The Sewurupa is a ghost that doesn't hurt the player in anyway, as it serves more as a purpose to scare the player. Taking a picture of the Sewurupa won't make it go away, but if the player is curious to see what face it'll take next, don't bring up the camera, instead wait patiently as it takes a face.
DreadOut - Sewurupa Faces

DreadOut - Sewurupa Faces


  • The faces manifested by this ghost are actually DreadOut's Heart of Darkness Indiegogo backers face.