Item gunting

Location Obtained after defeating Scissor Phantom.
Purpose To cut the School Key from the Babi Ngepet's neck.
Description A pair of scissors found in the nursery.
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act I

A pair of scissors that was used by the Scissor Phantom to attack Linda. It is found along with the Phantom in the nursery room.


After defeating the Phantom, the ghost will drop the Scissors on the ground. After picking it up, Linda uses it to get the School Key from the Babi Ngepet's neck when she finds it asleep in the room with the collapsed walls.


  • It is quite strange that Linda did not take the scissors hanging on the ceiling, instead taking the Scissor Phantom's pair of scissors, could be implicated that the hanging scissors are too rusted to be used or the wire is too thick to break.