School Struck by Mass Possession

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Location Abandoned School - On a chair of classroom 2 Sosial I, first floor's right wing
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act I

A newspaper clipping telling the story of students who had been posessed.

English TranslationEdit

"A local high school was taken by surprise yesterday, as a whole classroom of students suddenly entered a state of trance.
At 10 AM, as Miss Astrid was teaching geography to her class, a few students screamed and kicked their desks. A minute later, every student in the class was screaming and acting erratically. She called for help immediately after they began speaking in tongues. The school headmaster have announced that the incident was, in fact, a mass possession of the students by supernatural beings.
The whole class of 2A was hurriedly taken to the nearest public infirmary for treatment. A local medical team treated the students while a professional witch doctor performed an exorcism. Eyewitnesses said that all the students regained consciousness simultaneously at 3 PM."

Indonesia Translation Edit

"Sebuah SMA dikejutkan oleh peristiwa kesurupan massal.

Pada pukul 10:00 WIB, saat Ibu Astrid tengah memberikan pelajaran geografi, beberapa murid tiba-tiba berteriak dan menendang meja mereka. Bu Astrid segera berlari mencari bantuan ketika beberapa muridnya mulai berbicara dalam bahasa yang tak bisa dimengerti. Kepala sekolah SMA telah mengiyakan bahwa peristiwa yang menimpa murid-muridnya ini benar-benar kejadian kesurupan massal.

Murid-murid kelas 2A kemudian dilarikan ke Puskesmas terdekat untuk mendapatkan perawatan. Saat staff medis memberikan layanan kesehatan, seorang pakar supernatural professional melakukan ritual pengusiran roh-roh jahat. Beberapa saksi mata mengatakan bahwa para murid langsung kembali kesadarannya secara bersamaan pada pukul 15:00 WIB."


  • Some parts of the words on the Newspaper Clipping are smudged out.
  • it is Whether Unknown Connection with haunted of the school