Item ring

Item Type Special Item
Location Abandoned School - Storage Room, 1st floor's right-wing, near the skeleton model (Act I).

Top of blue box near outside of train wagon (Act II).

Purpose Slightly increases running speed, health regeneration, and Limbo running Speed
Description "This object is flowing with mystical energy."
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act I

The Ring is one of the three mythical items.

Description Edit

One of the three special items, that slightly increase Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decrease the time it takes to run to the light at Limbo.

The Ring takes a shape of white circular band with an engraved orange oval agate gem embedded within the bezel.

Game Edit

Act I Edit

The Ring can be found inside the abandoned school in the storage room on the first floor's right wing. At the end of the narrow storage way, it is found next to the Skeleton Model.

Act II Edit

The Ring can be found in top of blue box near outside of train wagon after Linda defeats the Tuyul Centeng.


  • The Ring will glow and emit green light before you take it.
  • Obtaining all of the three Mythical Items (Keris, Jenglot, and Ring), the achievement "Power Up" will be awarded.