Pocong on Motorcycle

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Pocong Pembalap
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DreadOut [Game]

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Pocong in Motorcycle
A ghost that rides a motorcycle on the road during night time in the abandoned town.


A funky bad-boy teenager who had a great passion for motorcycle racing. Raised by a poor family, he could not afford to buy his own motorcycle. One day he participated in a local event which provides expensive prizes, one of them being a chance to win a motorcycle.

When the winner was announced from the radio and his name was called as the winner, he became overexcited, and had a fatal heart attack. He was then buried; wrapped with burial shroud like common local death ceremony traditions.

In his death, his spirit cannot rest in peace. He searches for a motorcycle to accomplish his unfulfilled dream and roams the earth, acknowledging himself as a professional biker.


Act IEdit

After defeating the Kuntilanak, this ghost will appear on the roads. He wanders around the town with a motorcycle.


He appears as a Pocong riding a black motorcycle. He has a white pale face with a frowning expression. Since his hands are tied, he drives the motorcycle without being able to hold the handles.


He will drive over Linda, and even knock her down, but he will not cause critical damage to her.


  • Taking a picture of him gives the achievement "Ghost Rider", which is a pop-culture reference to the Marvel universe's "Ghost Rider" franchise.
  • In some rare occasions, through your camera, this ghost will be spotted performing daring maneuvers such as wheelies, and standing on his own motorcycle.
  • His motorcycle license number is "D 5949 GP".
  • There is a rare scene where he is seen left behind by his motorcycle, implying that his motorcycle may also have a soul of its own.
  • The Motorcycle seems to be based, or a least similar to Honda's 2012 Revo Model, which is one of the common motorcycles in Indonesia.