Pocong Warrior

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Pocong Prajurit
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DreadOut [Game]

Voiced By
Michael Quarrato

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A secret boss that is unlocked if the player finds all three soldier's medals from the abandoned town during the daytime.


The Pocong Knight shares the same basic origin with the ordinary Pocong, only the deaths of people were believed by locals to be knights of vast archipelagic empire based on certain island in Indonesia, who died during the battlefield. In their deaths, they continue to protect the secrecy of their empire at all costs.

It is similar to the concept of Egyptian soldiers being turned into mummies and buried inside pyramids, so that when they die, they will continue to guard their ancestors's legacy.


Act 0 - PrologueEdit

Linda encounters two Pocong Warriors after finding the candles and then back-tracking through the graveyard.

Act IEdit

Linda will only encounter two Pocong Warriors in the town near the monument in the park during the night after she collects all three Soldier's Medal.

Act IIEdit

They will spawn consecutively between the second interval battle with Pocong Radja.


Pocong Warrior will spawn randomly if Linda decided to visit the finished Room 104 and 105.


Pocong Warriors appear as men wrapped in burial shroud. It is noticeable that they show only one of their eyes, while the other eye covered in shroud. Pocong Warriors's height is beyond average men. It is also visible that Pocong Warriors's legs are not tied to their burial shroud so they can move freely without needing to hop.

In the game, there are two types of Pocong Warriors. The first one is holding a sickle with his right hand. He wears a rather clean shroud with his left hand wrapped tightly. He moves very slowly but has more life span. The second one is holding a machete with his left hand. He wears a dirty shroud with his right hand wrapped tightly. He moves very aggressively but has a short life span.

The One That holding celurit (Sickle)


In earlier encounters, try focusing on one Pocong Warrior at a time instead of randomly attacking both of them at once. Their weak spot is located in their eye, which will glow red when looking through the camera. Later, when the player encounters them en masse, the player will need Linda's IrisPhone to banish them.


  • The sickle and machete that Pocong Warriors hold are called Celurit and Parang.
  • On Act 1 This Pocong in Ghostpedia was simply called Pocong