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Pocong is a hostile ghost that can be encountered as an enemy in DreadOut and DreadOut 2.


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One of the most infamous ghosts in Indonesian and Malay mythology, a Pocong is said to be the soul of a deceased person who is doomed to wander the earth due to unfinished earthly business. It takes the form of a corpse fully wrapped in a burial shroud. Around its neck, arms, and legs are small cloths which are used as ties to bind the shroud to the body; a pocong is essentially a 'living' corpse trapped in its own shroud.

There is some debate about how exactly a pocong moves. Since its feet are tied up, it is generally accepted that a pocong can't actually walk on its feet. While the traditional myth says that a pocong can fly or teleport to its desired destination, the modern Indonesian horror movie industry may has accidentally reinforced the 'false' image that a pocong hops like a rabbit, due to the fact that the pocong actors can't walk freely while having their legs tied and have to resort to hop in order to move around. Nevertheless, the idea of a hopping pocong is not entirely outside the realm of possibility.



The pocongs in the first DreadOut game have several features that distinguish them from the traditional ones in popular culture. Uniquely, they have one of their arms sticking out of their burial shroud, allowing them to wield weapons such as sickle and machete. They are also able to walk normally due to their feet being completely untied. Their faces are only partially shrouded, revealing one ominous white eye which they use to see their surroundings.

The horde of pocongs encountered during the fight against Pocong Radja resemble the original ones from the myth in the way their feet are tied up and they move around.

DreadOut 2[]

In DreadOut 2, the pocongs now more closely resemble their forms according to the original myth. Their entire body is completely enshrouded in a dirty burial shroud, with only their pale green, decaying face revealed. True to the myth, they possess the ability to teleport themselves to anywhere.


A horde of pocongs can be encountered after Pocong Radja leaves the area in the first phase. They will spawn consecutively and chase Linda by hopping.



It is mostly recommended that the player uses IrisPhone to banish pocongs at once, since it has fixed focus and better range of visibility. Using the SLR camera is also beneficial, as long as the player keeps their distance.

DreadOut 2[]



  • It is stated by Ira that their girl's scout teacher used to dress as a pocong to scare them, but Linda threw a rock at him to protect Ira.
  • Banishing many pocongs at once in the cemetery will unlock the achievement "We're a Happy Family".
  • You can also see a pocongs as a form of Easter Egg on KOTD, Room 102 "Abandoned Village", go left - near your spawning area, and look to the house that's blocked by a wall, you can see it there, looking at you through the window.