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DreadOut [Game]

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Kimlinh Tran

A flying ghost that could be encountered on abandoned village path after talking to possessed Ira.


Believed to be a manifestation of high-level black magic witches in some areas in Sumatra, Indonesia. Palasiks are known as blood sucking creatures. The Palasiks eats infants while they are still in their mother's womb or a newborn baby. They are often seen digging on a dead baby's grave.

Many believed that being a Palasik is hereditary. When someone in a family is known as a Palasik practitioner, their son or daughter will become a Palasik too. To maintain their secrecy, their community would hold unholy rituals to mate and wed their children to other Palasiks and live in secluded villages far from others. The curse of a Palasik through the practice of witchcraft can persist through seven generations

Palasik practitioners appear to be a normal people in general. The difference is when they begin to release their heads along with their internal organs to reveal their original appearance. In an attempt to end this evil, entire families of the curse would be either banished or executed.

The myths about these supernatural beings were very popular across the Southeast Asias with different names and similar lore among each country.


Act IIEdit

The Palasik can be encountered in abandoned village path after Linda finishes having the conversation with possessed Ira. They hide behind a tree and will spread if Linda tries to approach them or taking their pictures.


Palasik takes an appearance of a head with it's internal organs hanging and a long tongue is sticking out. She moves by flying around.


Flash them with SLR camera in third person view, it will stun their movements. When they're paralyzed, immediately snap their pictures. Repeat this process until the player can defeat them.


  • In the game, a bride and groom were burned alive by their villagers for being suspected as practitioners of Palasik witchcraft.
  • Taking a picture of Palasik unlocks achievement "Inner Beauty".
  • The amount of articles the player obtains from Matianak, affect how many Palasik will be spawned. For example if the player just gets one article, only one Palasik will spawn in the game.