The Nursery Room is a small room located in the Abandoned School. It serves as the fighting grounds of the Scissor Phantom.

Background Edit

There is not much known about the Nursery Room, other than the fact that it might have been used by the school's principal to keep his fictitious baby. as well as to keep all of his clothing so he could cross-dress.

Game Edit

Linda finds a locked closet which she deems suspicious and she goes to find the keys. After obtaining the Small Keys on the first floor, she enters the closet and finds herself in the Nursery Room. After approaching the crib in the corner, the Scissor Phantom appears and attacks her. After a feverish battle, she takes the scissors from the ghost and goes to cut the keys off the Babi Ngepet's neck.

Information Edit

Ghosts Edit

Ghosts that can be encountered in the Nursery Room

  • Scissors Phantom (Mini-Boss)

Items Edit

Items that can be collected in the Nursery Room

  • Scissors (dropped by Scissor Phantom)

Trivia Edit

  • In the Nursery Room, Betsy can be found sitting next to robotic dolls