Nia (DreadOut Comic)


Personal Information
Alias(es) Sister
Occupation Unknown
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age Teenager
DoB Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status Deceased
Blood Type Unknown
  • Bayu (Older Brother)
  • Kiki (Younger Sister; Deceased)
  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
  • Unnamed Father (Deceased
Voiced By N/A
First Appearance DreadOut Comic

Nia is Bayu's younger sister and Kiki's older sister. She wanders into haunted village with her family.

Personality Edit

Nia is a fun-loving individual who loves exploring and teasing her older brother. She is seen cheerful all the time and presumably loves her family very much. Nia is shown to care about her older brother, Bayu, despite the fact that she often insults and teases him and appreciates her brother's overall paranoia.

Appearance Edit

Nia is a teenage girl with lock black hair that she keeps in a braid. She has messy bangs and a few pieces of hair that sticks up. During the duration of the comic, Nia wears a flower patterned Chinese-styled Cheongsam with white long sleeves. She is also seen wearing a pair of pearl earrings.

History Edit


Skills and Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

Bayu Edit

Bayu is Nia's older brother. Nia is supposedly known for harshly teasing her brother on several occasions, often accompanied with her sister, Kiki. Although Bayu feels offended by most of the teasing and the occasional insult, Bayu tolerates Nia's teasing to an extent that he doesn't even do anything to stop it. Secretly, Nia cares for her older brother very much and interprets his paranoia and anxiety as being caring for his family, which she heavily appreciates.

Kiki Edit

Kiki is Nia's younger sister. Although never mentioned in the comic, it is implied several times that Kiki views Nia as a role model, following her antics at teasing Bayu, despite the fact that Kiki has no idea what she's saying. Not seen together much in the comic, it is to be assumed that Nia cares for her sister as a regular older sister would.

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