Mystery Journal 2

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Location Abandoned School – Left-wing Classroom Kelas 1C in the second floor
Author Unnamed Foreigner
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act I

 A crumpled page that possibly once belonged in a part of a journal. It depicts a foreigner moving into the village to start a new life.

English TranslationEdit

"Today, I stayed at work a lot longer than I should and almost missed the curfew. Ridiculous as it seems, this town has a strict rule about being outdoors on Thursday nights.
Afterwards, my neighbor bombarded me with all sorts of superstitious nonsense. As a foreigner, I guess I'll just have to accept this as a local tradition.
They seem to have many."

Indonesia Translation Edit

"Semalam, saya terlalu lama mengurus pekerjaan di Puskesmas. Hampir saja saya melewati jam malam. Aneh memang. Kota ini memiliki aturan yang ketat mengenai keluar rumah di malam Jum'at.

Tetangga sebelah langsung melempari saya dengan berbagai takhayul omong kosong. Sebagai seorang pendatang, saya terpaksa menerima ini sebagai bagian dari budaya mereka.

Tampaknya tempat ini penuh dengan peraturan."


  • There are three journal pages in total, each a continuation of the foreigner's stay at the village.