Mystery Journal 1

Ntf entry4 judul

Location Village – On one of the desk inside the Restaurant (Sultan Agung)
Author Unnamed Foreigner
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act I

A crumpled page that possibly once belonged in a part of a journal. It depicts a foreigner moving into the village to start a new life.

English TranslationEdit

"At last! A new life in a new place. I think I will like living here. Everything seems simple and calm. The locals are very friendly. I was lucky enough to have found a house for rent immediately, and at an incredibly affordable price.
My landlord told me that this town went through quite a lot a few years back. Floods, massive landslides, fires incidents. It sounds pretty tough. But the people seem to have handled themselves pretty well.
I'll start my work at the public infirmary tomorrow. Hope everything goes well."


  • There are three journal pages in total, each a continuation of the foreigner's stay at the village.