Music Festival Flyer

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Location Abandoned School – On the ground at the dead-end of the left-wing hallway near Ruang TU (Administration Room)
Author Unknown
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act I

A flyer advertising for an upcoming Music Festival Malam Satu Suro.

English TranslationEdit

"Malam Satu Suro Music Festival"


  • Satu Suro is the first day of the Javanese calendar year in the month of Sura (also transcribed as "Suro"), corresponding with the Islamic month of Muharram.
  • Satu Suro has numerous associations in folk tales and superstitions in Java, Indonesia that vary considerably through regional variation in cultural practices. The prevalent theme through most superstitions is one of the danger of going out from the home.
  • All artists in the flyer, contributed to the soundtrack of DreadOut.