Lingsir wengi is Javanese lullaby believed by locals to act as spell to summon or call upon evil specters. The myth says if it specifically targets to someone, the target will feel dizzy and later on get a nose bleed. The target then will be haunted by the evil specter to be killed brutally.

Lingsir Wengi

Lingsir Wengi

Lingsir Wengi original version

DreadOut - Official Teaser II 2014

DreadOut - Official Teaser II 2014

Lingsir Wengi chanting by First Sister


Original Lyrics:

Lingsir wengi sliramu tumeking sirno
Ojo Tangi nggonmu guling
Awas jo ngetoro
Aku lagi bang wingo wingo
Jin setan kang tak utusi
Dadyo sebarang
Wojo lelayu sebet

English Translation:

As twilight fades
So shall you wither
Dwell within your chamber
Conceal yourself
For my anger is immeasurable
The Djinns and Devils I sent forth
My harbingers of death
Shall reap your soul

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