Limbo is a place where Linda ends up if a ghost manages to damage her enough. It represent Linda's subconscious state.



Linda in Limbo.

Limbo appears as a flat, dark plane, with a number of candles surrounding Linda. The exit of the Limbo is a bright feathered light that gently moves as if it is flying.

Game Edit


Limbo running as explained in the DreadOut Guide.

When Linda is damaged enough by a ghost, she collapses and is automatically transported to Limbo. Linda can leave Limbo by running towards the bright light in the distance.

While approaching the light, player hints will be shown. On certain occasions, a disembodied voice will be heard and help Linda by giving her vague hints. For example, if the Linda is killed by the Mysterious Lady in Red enough, when Linda is transported into the Limbo, it will tell her to "Avoid her!" and to "Run...RUN...", telling the player that they should not engage the Lady in Red in battle as it will result in "death".

Limbo is also the sight of her last battle that would lead to the true ending. When the Lady in Red tells her a a thing called The Shadow is coming and disappears. And the Lady gives Linda her supernatural powers.


Talking to herself

Linda talking to herself.

  • The exit light might have been modeled after an angel entity.
  • Once Linda enters Limbo, the achievement "Are We Dead Yet?" will be awarded.
  • If Linda stands still in the limbo, she will be seen blinking sleepily and murmuring something unintelligible to herself while trying to stay awake.
  • Every time Linda dies, the light moves farther away, which is most likely trying to symbolize Linda's struggle and determination to survive as the challenges get harder and harder.
  • In KOTD, the thedistance of light remains unchanged.
  • In the demo, if you encounter the Black Cat and get transported to Limbo, it will make an appearance in Limbo as well, but in a white tint. It's possible that this is just a glitch.
    • It's also possible to meet the Kuntilanak in Limbo as well, by following these steps:
      • Meet the Black Cat first.
      • Linda must be killed by the Kuntilanak in the room where Ira stands in the corner.
      • Afterwards, go to the Graveyard and die twice from the two Pocongs.
      • The second time Linda dies, the Kuntilanak should appear in the Limbo.