Item keris

Item Type Special Item
Location Village - On the rocks behind the Sultan Agung Restaurant (Act I).

Oasis - narrow alley in the first right wing from the entrance (Act II).

Purpose Slightly increases running speed, health regeneration, and Limbo running speed.
Description This object is flowing with mystical energy.
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act I

The Keris is one of the three mythical items.

Description Edit

One of the three special items, that slightly increase Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decrease the time it takes to run to the light at Limbo.

In Javanese Mythology, whoever possesses the Keris will become supernaturally powerful. It is said if you point the Keris at a person, the person will die instantaneously.

Often the Keris are used as talismans, for display, weapons, sanctified heirlooms, ceremonial dress accessories, symbols of heroism and indication of social status.

DreadOut 2 Edit

Lelembut Killer Kris is an ancient weapon, given by Sulung to Linda. As Linda received this weapon, it marks her acceptance as one of the Keepers of the Dark.

Lelembut Killer was forged and honed by the Keeper's elders as one of the important weapons during mankind-Serpent Lelembut war.

Powerful and yet sinister, the Lelembut Killer is also known for it's ability to drain life-force from its victim. Unfortunately, this ability would put its wielder at risk of being tainted by Lelembut's dark essence.

That's why only a strong Keeper is worthy enough to wield this fearsome weapon.

Game Edit

Act I Edit

The Keris can be found stuck in a pile of rocks behind the "Sultan Agung" Restaurant.

Act II Edit

The Keris can be found stuck in a pile of rocks in narrow alley in the first right wing from the entrance of the Oasis area.

DreadOut 2 Edit

Linda found Keris in Act 6 in Distorted Realm. After grabbing it, the dagger stitched to Linda's skin, preventing her from dropping it. With it's powers Linda is able to defeat Blorong.


  • The word 'keris' is derived from the old Javanese term 'ngiris', which means to slice, wedge or sliver.
  • 'Kris' is the more frequently used spelling in the West, but 'keris' is more popular in the dagger's native lands.
  • Once a player has obtained all of the three Mythical Items (Keris, Jenglot, and Ring), the achievement "Power Up" will be awarded.

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