Keepers of The Dark DLC

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Microsoft Windows (x64)
Release Date(s)
March 24th, 2016
Single Player


Keepers of The Dark is a new standalone horror game that takes place in the DreadOut universe. In this missing chapter, you will help Linda face the challenges of the DreadOut world with even more dangers lurking within. Available for download on the Steam platform.

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Follow the event in which Linda was transported by The Mysterious Lady in Red into The Mirror Realm. A portal of worlds that connects it to 8 haunted dominions where 13+ horrific ghosts are ready to greet her in the most terrifying way possible. They will stop at nothing to thwart your main objective: To survive! 

So, get your smart phone and SLR camera ready and choose your path wisely.  The doors you open will decide the outcome of Linda's fate.

–Dreadout Official Website

Plot Edit

After being pulled in to the mirror by her own reflection (as seen in the original game), Linda finds herself trapped inside an unknown realm. Linda found that there are Eight doors which will take her eight different realms, ruled by various evil spirits.

After exploring all realms and banishing the evil spirits, a secret door openened, bringing Linda into the final realm where she is challenged by the Serpent Mistress.


Ending 1: (If Linda beat the serpent mistress) After Linda defeats the Serpent Mistress, she walks towards the door and sees the spirit she had banished. Before entering the door, a body with random head turns to Ms. Siska and Linda's head. After she went in the door, a similar outfit (shown along with spirits) with glasses on worn on her. Later, Ms Siska shatters the mirror, which causes Lady in Red (first sister) to groan in pain and growing weaker. She smiled at her and possibly attacking her in the end (might be why she was wounded).

Ending 2: (If Linda banished all the spirit including serpent mistress and went to the mirror) Linda touches the mirror and was teleported at the entrance of the school much to her surprise. The ending ends with new scene credits.

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