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DreadOut: KOTD

A group of talented rock and roll music play band of Indonesia. We can find them in room 103.

Background Edit

Koil is a name of a very popular rock band of its days. They were the next big thing of their era. Well respected fot their musicianship, the were an example of musicians who blasted sky high to the stars with a huge bands and suddenly, the nect moment dissapeared out of thin air, literally.

There was always a rumor going around about how they acquared their instant stardom and how the acquaired their awesome skills. That their mastery of their instrumentes is helped by sacrificing their souls to the devil. Some of their fans never took it seriously and suggesting that the rumor circulated out of spite from other musicians. Other pole of their fans base gladly welcome a dark demonic side to their idols.

One night, while on a national tour, they were supposed to play a special venue on a beachside. On the famed annual ''Malam Satu Suro'' festival. The lineup was going to be the best there is, the 60 Woodstock of Indonesia. Sadly the event was one super-group short. They never arrived at the designated town. All major national newspaper published the missing band a their headlines for a week. Not even a single clue was ever found. The bus they rode is vanished without a trace and nobody in it wa ever found.

Strategy Edit

First step to make them appear is finding all the notes about ressurection. They're in possesion of NerdDeath in rooms 105, 106, 107 and 108 always after taking a picture of mentioned Nerd. While we do so in room 103 appears four members of the band. Every of them has their own moveset. The one with guitar gonna punch us with her. The fat one is crazyrunner and gonna run into Linda making her fall over. The skinny one is manage to hit you with jumping on you. The last one is the least dangerous and can only hit us with fist.

Trivia Edit

  • Malam Satu Suro festival flyer can be found in abandoned school in act 1
  • KOIL is a band based on a real indonesian band whom composed soundtrack to DreadOut.
  • KOIL can be found on the cemetery only when we find all four notes about ressurection. NerdDeath Leaving their after take a picture of him.