Jurig Pengantin

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Basic Information
Physical Description
Male & Female

Hair Color
Dark Ash Gray

Eye Color

Voiced By
Michael Quarrato (Male)
Kimlinh Tran (Female)

A ghost couple that made their cameo inside the mansion during Act II.


A bride and groom, burned alive by their village for being suspected practitioners of palasik witchcraft.


Act IIEdit

The Jurig Pengantin is encountered in the mansion, on the second floor. They appear within the room with 3 mirrors.


Both ghosts appear to have pale skin, grey hair, black eyes, and formal clothing. They appear somewhat decayed slightly demonic. The woman on the right has a bulging stomach, hinting at a possible pregnancy. Both ghosts also appear to have some form of bruising - on the chin of the man and neck on the woman, respectfully.


This ghostly couple can only be seen through the big mirror inside the room. At first, they appear barely visible before the center red chair. To add them to your Ghostpedia, you have to make them move closer to the big mirror.

To achieve this, you'll have to use one of the round-shaped, ruby-adorned mirrors required for this room's puzzle; two of them are wrong and the other is the correct one, that will complete the puzzle. You must take pictures of one of the wrong mirrors; each shot will stun Linda, and the Jurig Pengantin will move forward. Keep photographing the mirror until you receive the notification that your Ghostpedia got updated. Do NOT photograph the right mirror, as the puzzle will end and you will lose your chance.


  • In the mansion's entrance room, there is a portrait of a Bride and Groom, possibly hinting as to how they appeared in life.
  • It is speculated that this ghost may possibly be connected to the dancer (as a performance on marriage).
  • They are - possibly - the last bride and groom to celebrate at the mansion , as implied by the coincidental resemblance to the painting.