Item Type Equipment
Location Usable at the start of the Game with Linda
Purpose Linda's only way to battle against ghosts and to solve puzzles
Description "A dependable cell phone with long battery life. "
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Demo

The IrisPhone is a phone and weapon used by Linda in DreadOut game.


Linda uses the IrisPhone's Camera for Linda to defend herself from hostile ghosts. It is also a prime way to solve puzzles. The IrisPhone allows her to see ghosts or things invisible to the human eye. The IrisPhone has a flashlight option, allowing players to have a constant bright light so Linda can see where she is going although the disadvantage is that she needs to be in a close range to battle them.


The IrisPhone is a black smartphone with three buttons located on the bottom: Return, Home, and Menu/Settings. Although only the camera in the back of the phone is usable, there's also a camera in the front of the IrisPhone. Even though in the game the IrisPhone seems to be locked in Camera mode, at certain events it is able perform various things such as accepting calls, and listening to voicemail.

In Camera Mode, there's a battery meter, the flash icon to enable flash feature when taking snap, the light bulb icon to turn off or on the flashlight, and the camera button, which is used to combat ghosts.


  • The phone's battery meter starts at full when starting the game, but progressively gets lower during the game. However, according to the IrisPhone Guide, you can charge the phone using Kinetic Energy (shaking it around) which can make the phone last up to over 48 hours (2 Days.)
    • The phone's battery meter is used as story progress indicator. If it gets low means that the end of the game is near.
    • If both facts are taken into account, then technically speaking, Linda has been in the town for roughly 2 days because her IrisPhone is nearly dead by the time she exited the town.
  • Based on an article which posted on incgamers, the name "Iris" in IrisPhone was taken from the company's name which is Iris Desain, and known later formed Digital Happiness as studio company that focus on game development. IrisPhone seems to follow the designs of modern smartphones like Android or the iPhone.
  • In the game, Shelly and Miss Siska apparently use smartphones (the color of Shelly's smartphone is pink), but whether or not the brand is "IrisPhone" is still questionable.
  • The IrisPhone Desain are similar to Sony Xperia Go