Ibu Ketakutan

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Location Left in a House after Matianak vanish during 3rd Encounter with her.
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act II

A newspaper clipping describing the paranoid of the townsfolk with unsolved grave digger case.

English TranslationEdit

"After the unsolved grave digger case, majority of townsfolk right now is being paranoid and felt unsecured. Most of the residents believed the case is very close to unholy ceremonial that involving a black magic. “right now I'm afraid to leave the house, since there's a rumor around that there's a psychopath outside that like to kidnap a baby. that's really terrifying”, said Susi 26 years old."


  • The article in the newspaper clipping is titled "Ibu Ketakutan", which translated as "Scared Mother".
  • Some parts of the words on the newspaper clipping are smudged out (When Zoomed It Reads "Kemanakah Babi Babi Liar Itu ? which Translated : where all the wild boars Go ?)
  • Belong to one of the three articles that is get left behind after the vanishing of Matianak, and seem have significant connections to each other.