Dreadout Song Edit

1. Mocca - Lucky Me

Played when pregame (after Linda dreaming)

2. Koil - Suaramu Merdu

Played on radio at Sultan Agung Restaurant and Real Ending (with Ira deceased)

3. Koil - Semoga Kau Sembuh part 1

Played after defeating 1st sister until credit game in act 2

4. Koil - Dan Cinta Kita Terlupakan

Played on Dreadout official teaser video on Dreadoutgame channel youtube (just instrumental)

5. Tesla Manaf and Mahagotra Ganesha - Disequilibrium

Some of instrument played when cutscene people get down the car

Some of instrument played when fight 1st sister in Act 1

6. Sigmun - Land of the Living Dead

Played when Linda go out from school cutscene's

7. Sarasvati - Bilur

Some Instrument played on Real Ending (with Ira voicemail)

8. Sarasvati feat Trah Project - Gloomy Sunday

Some Instrument played on every loading screen

Some Instrument played when Linda entering the school cutscene's

9. Sarasvati - Karam

Some of Instrument played on Dreadout Act 2 Trailer

Some of Instrument start played when Linda entering train until she found SLR camera cutscene's

The song played on KOTD's ending 1 when Linda defeated the Serpent Mistress

10. Sarasvati - Takut

The song played on alternate ending cutscene's

Some of instrument (Voice Aaaaaah) played on fountain area in act 2 when night

Some of instrument played when Linda meet Shelly and Ms. Siska

11. Sarasvati - Lingsir Wengi

Played when Linda meet 1st sister in her dream

Dreadout BGM Edit

Music composed and arranged by Adhitya Sulistia Wibisana & Pratama Kusuma Putra.

1. Animus Corpus

Played when fight pocong in Act 0 and 1

2. Malivolus Inimicus

played when entering teacher's and school principal's room

3. Tacticus Noctii

Played when exploring village at night Act 1 (nothing of ghost)

4. Gigantus Mutandis

Played when Pocong Warrior start appear in Act 1.

5. Compendium Detractus

played when fight Scissor Phantom

6. Ayun Ambing

Played in fountain area

7. Bring Brung

Played when fight 1st Sister in Act 2

8. Centreng Saur

Played when exploring village in act 2 (after found Shelly was dead)