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This is the wiki, a companion for the Indonesian indie horror game, DreadOut.

At the moment, there are 139 pages since it's official activation on the 4th of July, 2013.

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DreadOut is an Indonesian indie horror game, developed by Digital Happiness for the Microsoft Windows platform. The first version of the game was officially released on the 3rd of April, 2013, with the game skyrocketed through the internet and became the most played horror game, and was the first Indonesian game to be always played by foreigners on the internet.

Seven years after the release of the first game, Digital Happiness announced DreadOut 2, a surprise sequel to the first game.

The story of DreadOut pitches to the perspective of five high schoolers, Linda, Yayan, Ira, Shelly and Doni with their teacher Miss Siska who stumbled upon a ghost town. And then, it turns out the town was haunted by a certain amount of spirits, mainly evident by the news where one class from a high school that the six characters was in---was massively possessed by unknown spirits. DreadOut 2 will follow Linda's struggles after the aftermath of the first game, spouting a new battle mechanic as well as dealing with the nightmares she had endured since the events of the first game.


DreadOut 2


DreadOut 2

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DreadOut 2 is an upcoming sequel to the first game. It will follow Linda as she struggles with a new battle while also dealing with the nightmares of the first game.






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