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DreadOut 2 is an Indonesian survival horror video game developed by Digital Happiness and sequel to DreadOut. It takes place chronologically after the end of DreadOut's true ending.


Official Description

A seal was broken, the great serpent Blorong has awakened. Witness Linda's journey looking for answers, redemption, and acceptance toward her role in stopping mankind's greatest threats. Dive deeper into a third-person horror adventure within DreadOut realm. Survive the Dread once more.

–Official Steam Description


Main Characters

  • Linda Melinda - The protagonist and playable character of the game. The story follows her life and struggles after the tragedy of the first game.


The story takes place sometime after the events of the first game. Linda has assimilated back into her regular life, but a strange evil has arose again, leaving her the only one standing in the way of it.

Voice Actors

  • Heidi Tabing as Linda
  • Dahlia Lynn Badanowski as Siska
  • Demi Lovato as Henny


The Gameplay of Dreadout 2 follows a more realistic and action-based, but familiar style of gameplay compared to the first game.

Much like the first game, Linda is able to use her IrisPhone to combat ghosts, but that is no longer the exclusive way to fight them. Furthermore, there are now two types of ghosts: intangible and physical. Intangible ghosts can only be damaged by the IrisPhone while physical ghosts can only be damaged physically by weapons or thrown projectiles. Depending on the scenario, Linda may have no ways to defend herself from the supernatural elements and has to rely on running away or hiding.

The world of the game is now dotted with NPCs, both from ghosts and humans alike. Talking to them unlocks side quests that the player can choose to do and lore items. There is also is a collection available from talking with Professor Mona, which involves the player documenting and photographing urban legends around the area.




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  • The DreadOut logo no longer contains the Ouroboros symbol, but rather the 'R' in the title resembles the number '2'.
  • The original release date of DreadOut 2 was originally on 'Febuary 20, 2020' though the game ended up getting delayed and released a day later.