Dreadout is a third person survival game.

The player controls Linda, a high school student with some supernatural powers. The player is equipped with modern gadgets, such as a phone or camera, as the only way to fight the ghosts. When switching to use the Camera, the game will switch to first-person point of view. The camera also functions as the prime way to solve puzzles, which can only be seen through the camera. Linda can also interact with certain objects around the game.


Basic Controls,

Depending on what Linda is close to, there will either be a Red or Blue Vignette. A Red Vignette will tell the player that Linda senses a hostile ghost nearby. She will also switch from a normal stance to a more careful and hesitant one. When there is a Blue Vignette, it means that something or someone of importance is nearby.

There are two different type of damage that Linda can experience: Mental and Physical. When a ghost attacks Linda mentally, Linda will hold her head with her hands as if she has a headache. When being attacked Physically, she will usually be knocked down/back. Depending on how the strong the ghost is, the mental and physical damage may vary.

Battling is conducted by how well Linda can snap a picture of the ghost. When Linda is close enough to the ghost to damage it, the camera screen will glitch, which will prompt the player to take the shot. Ghosts in the game usually have a weak spot, which can only be seen through the camera. Depending on which type of ghost it is, the weak spots may vary and is usually tied in with the lore behind the ghost.