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Digital Happiness Games Studio is an independent 3D games studio based in Bandung, Indonesia. The studio was founded in the middle of 2011.

Digital Happiness Logo.


Digital Happiness was founded at 2011, when Rachmad Imron met Vadi Vanadi. They both shared their love for video games and decided to develop a game together. A design consultant and animation company, Iris Desain formed Digital Happiness as its gaming development company.

In a relatively short period, Digital Happiness has grown and established itself on its own. What was a 4 man operation has now expanded into 20. Though it will still be a long road ahead. The company is now more optimistic than ever.


Rachmad Imron - The founder of Digital Happiness

Vadi Vanadi - The co-founder of Digital Happiness

  • Dwi Arief Irawan
  • Sukmadi Rafiuddin
  • Dito Suwardita
  • Tinton Ahmad
  • Mega Dirgantara
  • Bangbez
  • Amiruddin Mastura
  • Erwin PS
  • Gilang Guitarna
  • Tri S
  • Adithya Wibisana
  • Pratama Kusuma
  • Rivaldi Rachman
  • M. Rizkan
  • Filberto
  • Dira Augusta
  • Chita Anindia
  • Yogo
  • M. Fadli
  • Adi Dharma
  • Henny Rahmawati