Ceramic Woman

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DreadOut: KOTD [Game]

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A ghost who inhabits mannequins. It's located in Room 106.

Background Edit

Her beauty was undeniable and her charm was second to none. She could get everything she wanted with her good looks alone. Men wanted her and women are envious of her. She realizes that her beauty naturally would diminish as time passes on and she became obsessed with preserving her cherished assets. Thinking that clay would preserve her flawless skin as smooth as porcelain, she decided to bather her skin regularly with it. This became a ritual that she did every night.

On one particular night, her house was set on fire through an unknown cause. She was trapped inside and burnt alive while still in full layer of ceramics.

Some say she still lingers in this world to this day, giving guidance to lost travelers. When seen, she would never move if she's within one's eyesight. Many travellers have mentioned of seeing a porcelain statue of a woman on their way. And many more have known to avoid illuminating any lights towards it. They know that when they do, it would come alive and attack the person who dared to reveal its flawed condition. The entity living under its containment will send them to their doom.

Strategy Edit

Simply look for haired mannequins with black cracks and decayed faces and take a photo of them; the spirit will leave its vessel and run away to look for another. Keep a distance while taking the photo, for while this ghost isn't hostile, direct contact with it can cause damage and will knock Linda down.

Also, watch out for the decoy mannequins: some will follow you around and try to attack you. Luckily, they make a loud dragging noise when moving, which should help with tracking their movements and locations.

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Trivia Edit

  • After the Ceramic Woman is defeated, every decoy mannequin will disappear.
  • Banishing this ghost without damaging the other decoy mannequins will grant you the hidden achievement "Sharpshooter".
  • The Ceramic Woman and the decoy mannequins were afraid of the Susuk Lady, because she is obsessed with their beauty. This is why they are only found on the first floor.
  • It is speculated that this Ghost died in the Residential Estate Inferno (described in a newspaper which is also found in the Abandoned School).