Personal Information
Full Name Burai
Occupation janitor
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Status possibly alive
Blood Type unknown
Family unknown

Burai is a mysterious gatekeeper of the Mirror Realm. Despite his plain appearance and activities, he might be the oldest soul ever trapped in the realm.

Appearance Edit

Burai is a pretty fat man, who is most likely middle-aged. He wears a white shirt with small black stripes. He has olive colored pants and black boots. He has a black hat on his head. Whenever Linda approaches him he has a mop.

Keepers of the Dark Edit

After being pulled into the mirror by Linda's own reflection, she finds herself in a big room, lined with four doors on each side, and swallowed by darkness. There, she encounters Burai for the first time. Every time Linda returns from one the realms, the caretaker can be spotted in a random place in the room, cleaning or sometimes sitting down and resting. Burai may tell Linda hints about each room and the things that inhabit them and what she might need to do when she enters.

After Linda leaves the Realm of Unseen, the caretaker stays behind. What happens to him in his afterlife is currently unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • In the pre-beta version of DreadOut Burai was supposed to be the main antagonist
  • The Caretaker doesn't actually speak but only mutters. His dialogs appear only as subtitles.
  • When Linda first arrives in the Realm of Unseen, some of the candles have already been extinguished. That could possibly imply that either Burai or one of the "visitors" before Linda have already accomplished something in those rooms.