Item Type Game Item
Location TBA
Purpose Taking a picture will earn you the Betsy and Friends Achievement
Description None
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Demo

 A bloody teddy bear hanged by its neck by a noose.


The teddy bear was named by the famous YouTuber, PewDiePie during his playthrough of the demo. The developers decided to name the bear as a tribute as PewDiePie had donated to the development of the game, recognized, and recommended it.


  • Taking a picture will earn you the "Betsy and Friends" achievement.
    • The name achievement "Betsy and Friends" is a reference to a child show program Barney and Friends.
  • Betsy could be found as Easter eggs during Act I in many inconspicuous locations, such as on top of one of the toilet stalls, sitting by the robotic doll in the nursery before the boss battle, and throwing a cabinet from top of the west corridor stairs.
  • PewDiePie also refers Ira as Betsy during his playthrough, despite the fact that he had already acknowledged Ira's name.