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• 3/15/2015


This may very well be a bug report but someone help confirm this just incase I am having bad luck.

Since I found out on steam of the 1.9.0 update, I decided to get right on and see what changes have occured (also enjoy Act 0). Welp no suprise stuck on the Principal fight, but something seems off. There are two problems that occur in the fight. He becomes invincible at random points and he gets a free hit.  1. At the very begginning after the cutscene I get to the middle of the room and scan around to find him snap a photo until it gets around to where he is berserking and running, to which I just run around and hope he isn't close. Yet for some reason my camera will not register that it is time to attack him (won't go fuzzy) and regular snapshots just won't work, so he constantly hits me. I run to the other side of the room after getting hit and (for some reason Lin won't bring up her phone but when she does) I still can't take a photo and he kills me. That's the first part of this little problem. 2. When he kills and I have fun reciting the many words (btw slight off topic what "upgrades" that one line "A set of items can upgrade lin's abilities" is that a thing yet or just teaser for Act 2?") I return from limbo BAM! he hits me, can't run away, no "Round 23, FIGHT" kind of thing just "HI!" snip snip...and so now I start the fight with less health and less of a chance to win. Anyone getting these problems or is this just I am having bad luck.

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• 4/6/2015

same here, this thing is invincible now

• 4/22/2016

Your save of the game is corrupted/error. I think you need restart the game by click NEW GAME->your last save->OK. Then fight everything back.

Make sure when you die or you in limbo, don't shut the game. Run through the limbo and back the game. That all I can support for you.

  • Sorry if my English sentence is too basic or wrong, I'm from Indonesia.
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