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• 6/20/2014

New DreadOut Update: New World Cup Costumes!

Linda new Costumes

Linda's New Costumes

Hey guys! I've been closely following DreadOut on Facebook and there has been new update.

With all the hype with the World Cup 2014 and all, they programmed in new outfits for Linda to wear :D

The first one (left) is the Brazillian football Uniform while the second one (right) is the Indonesian football uniform. Doesn't Linda look really good in those uniforms? I'll have to draw some fanart to contain all my excitement!

The game is also now avaliable in Italian and German, which is good for all you German and Italians out there~

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• 6/24/2014

Very cool.

Please keep up the good work folks.

Can't wait for the next chapter of the game.

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