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Snow Swag
• 3/15/2015

DreadOut FanComic (?)

I'm thinking about doing a DreadOut FanComic ever since I found out the DreadOut comic was not really going to be about the Game's characters. I really do want a comic, but I want it to be about Linda and Co, so we can see what's cannon or not. I've been thinking and sketching concept artwork and designs. I proably won't start 


Comic!Linda's Concept Artwork

on it until after Act II is released because I need to know the whole story. Also even if I start on this fancomic, it'll probably take months or even a whole year before it's actually posted because I'm only one person working on an entire comic.

Anyways, if I choose to do it, I'll be drawing it a cartoon, but slightly manga influenced artstyle, mainly because I'm not the best at my anatomy and drawing in a semi-cartoon-manga style is the easiest for me. You can see a concept art on the right, but it's the ugly version since I drew it traditionally. I'll draw a clearer digital version later, this is just a reference and testing for the style

I'm going to stick it to the game's storyline as close as possible, ocassionally adding some additional things here and there, but you can expect that it's going to be similar to the game. The "battling" and exploring bit is going to be a difficult to plan out, but I think I can manage.

There's going to be one main big thing I'm going to change is that I'm going to make Linda mute (can't talk). The reason so is to replicate the "silent protagonist" feeling like in the game. Another thing is that you can barely figure out what's going inside her head (except for mini-dialogue and journal notes) and I don't want her to say things out of her character. Her "talking" are going to be speech bubbles with emotes or expressions inside them so it's easier to know what's she's "saying". I still may or may not do it (time and pressure hurts), but I really do want to do it

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Snow Swag
• 5/27/2014

I really like the artwork. 

• 5/28/2014

good luck! and if there's anything you need help with, we're here for you.

• 5/28/2014
and wow...nice blanket
• 5/28/2014

I'm glad you guys seem interested :D

If I need some editing help, I know who to ask <3

Also yes, it is a nice blanket :3 My mother stiched it when I was still a child and I still use it >///<

• 11/6/2014

Gosh, Azura, you sure take your admin duties very seriously. I really wish I could be on the wiki as often as you. My school takes up so much time, and I rarely have time to do much. Thanks for taking good care of the wiki! Just got back from a hectic school month! I'll make sure to keep my eye on the wiki now that I'm back, partially. 

Anyways, how's the progress on the comic? Any luck? :D

• 11/7/2014

Gee, you're making me blush >///<

Actually, I've only became active on this wikia around 2 weeks ago when I realized that there was a Fansite Kit for DreadOut released. I took it upon myself to update the wikia, the images and coding whatnot. Finally finished adding descriptions in some places. I also changed the background of the wikia because I remembered someone saying that the color scheme was pretty bland, what do you think of it? 

It's great that you come back :D Since I updated everything so far, the only thing that needs updating is the home page. I still haven't gotten around to updating the poll or the featured character.

As for the comic, it's still really in it's starting stages. I finally gotten around to lining some of the pages, so it's still a long away from being released. I also changed the art style a lot because I've improved. It's pretty difficult, but I consider it a personal project :D I could use it for portfolio later when enter collge~

• 11/10/2014

I love the color scheme! It looks aesthetically pleasing and artistically amazing! And when the comic is finished, I'd love to see it! Wish you the best of luck! 

• 11/11/2014

I'm glad you like it! I was worried that it was a little confusing to look at >///<

Of course! I'll be posting on the net so it'll be free to access by everyone ;D

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